Aqua Drill International offers highly advanced industrial cleaning services
Transportation and removal of heavy scales from underground piping (up to 12ft diameter)

Excellent performance is what we stand for and superior cleaning quality is what we provide

Aqua Drill International offers highly advanced industrial cleaning services by employing proprietary technologies exclusively developed for the Aqua Drill Group. 500HP and 650HP remotely controlled mobile Aqua Milling® units power all technologies that eliminate hands-on operations and personnel exposure to chemicals.

The cutting-edge technologies combined with our specialized cleaning expertise and proven implementation record add significant value to your operations. By collaborating closely with our clients to deliver unsurpassed safety and service care, we provide plant maintenance services including:

  • Total turnkey and supplemental maintenance
  • Temporary and long-term services
  • Piping, Vessel and Heat-Transfer-Equipment services in industrial units
  • Cleaning and decommissioning services (including dry-lay-up procedure)
  • Engineering and Specialty Services

Descaling of Piping Systems

Aqua Milling® outperforms conventional cleaning in regards to safety, speed, cleanliness and the number of entries to be made, minimizing downtime and maximizing production.

Suitable for all pipe diameters and pipe materials, the Aqua Milling® service is a cost-effective solution for removal of soft to extremely hard incrustation from internal piping, significantly reducing downtime and total project cost. Aqua Milling® negotiates a minimum of 6-20 directional changes in a piping system and has been successfully used for:

  • Cleaning of Process Piping in pipe rack
  • Transportation and removal of heavy scales from underground piping (up to 12ft diameter)
  • Remediation of Furnace tubes (horizontal and vertical)
  • Cutting and transportation of scale in submerged piping systems
  • Cleaning of Waste Water Lines, Sewer Lines, Drainage Pipes, Flare Lines, Feed Water Lines
  • Cleaning of vertical Flare Stack Lines (up to 300ft in height w/o cable support from above)
  • Cleaning of Heater-Coils and Boiler Coils (horizontal and vertical)
  • Cleaning of Teflon-lined piping (w/o damage to liner)
  • Cleaning of refractory lined piping
  • Cleaning of Green, Black, Brown, White Liquor Lines (fiberglass lines in Paper Industry)
  • Removal of scale from PVC and Drisco piping
  • Removal of pigs and pipe plugs from Process Piping
  • Cleaning of fully plugged Transfer Lines, Downcomers and Vessels and Vapor Lines in Coker Units
  • Cleaning of High-rise Air Condition and Water Piping systems
  • Cleaning of Deluge-Piping systems (On-Shore and Off-Shore)

Heat Exchanger and Condenser Cleaning

Effective cleaning optimizes heat transfer performance and reduces the frequency of cleaning.

Aqua Drill International has developed a unique shift-arm setup for Aqua Milling® of tubing from ¾” diameter to 8” diameter eliminating operators hands-on feeding seen with conventional systems. The Aqua Milling® Jets travels on a spiral cleaning track with overlapping cutting tracks along the internal tube wall providing superior cleaning quality. While in many cases conventional cleaning methods cannot achieve the grade of wall cleanliness required, Aqua Milling® is the preferred method, especially for IRIS inspection requirements. The following types of exchangers and condensers have been successfully cleaned on a regular basis:

  • Catalyst Reactors (vertical/horizontal)
  • Gray Water Exchangers (Power Plants)
  • Final Coolers, Pre-Coolers (in Poly Plants)
  • Evaporators, Concentrator Exchangers
  • Platinum Reformers ( 70+ feet long)
  • Heat Exchangers (TLE’s, STLE’s, PQE’s)
  • Condensers with extremely hard water scale
  • Graphite-tube Heat Exchangers (no damage to graphite tube wall)
  • Fin-Fan Exchangers
  • Extremely thin-walled and non-seamless tube Exchangers (that could be damaged with ultra high pressure cleaning or conventional methods)

Heater and Furnace Cleaning

“In place-removal” of incrustation from serious plugged sections past 180-degree bends is our expertise.

Aqua Drill International has extensive experience in removal of extreme hard coke from fully plugged heaters and furnaces without the need for costly pipe-work dismantling. Cleaning to the bare metal without scratching or eroding the pipe wall is an easy task utilizing the 650HP Aqua Milling® system. The Piping can be cleaned in horizontal or vertical position. Multiple tools are used to avoid accumulation of cut scale in the 180-degree bends. The following systems are frequently maintained:

  • Ethylene Heaters
  • Olefins Cracking Furnaces
  • Vacuum Charge Heaters
  • Pre-Heat and mixed Pre-Heat Furnaces
  • All laterals and connected Headers to any Heaters and Furnaces

Please look at the Heater Video in the Movie Section showing our ability to travel through multiple 180-degree turns.

Boiler and Reactor Cleaning

Cleaning of radial tubing using only high- pressure water without the need for manpower inside the boiler drum is a revolutionary method.

Aqua Milling® is an ideal method to avoid the use of expensive chemicals involved in conventional boiler cleaning. ADI has performed cleaning of up to 40ft long boiler drums along with branched radial tubes of up to 180ft in length without the use of personnel inside the boiler drum. Whatever your configuration is, our engineers have a tube-stabbing mechanism for most boilers readily available.

Tank, Tower and Vessel Cleaning

Our engineering department customizes tank cleaning services to avoid confined entry or hands on operation in Towers, Tanks and Vessels.

By appropriately deploying our new and innovative technologies, our dedicated teams can minimize your downtime and reduce your cost of Tank, Tower and Vessel cleaning. Using the Aqua Milling® process, the Tank Spider TM, the Plug Cutters, or BA-Nozzles equipped with our VIB-Jets, Tanks, Towers and Vessels can be cleaned without the need for scaffolding, personnel entry or hands-on operations inside your tanks or vessels.

Utilizing minimum 500HP, all types of incrustation can be removed (please look at the List of Scales in the Aqua Milling® Technology Section). Fully plugged vessels have been cleaned with two units working simultaneously from the top and the bottom of the Vessel, even when dip tubes, shafts or mixers are in the way. Our innovative technologies have been used to clean:

  • Unipol Reactors
  • Mixing Tanks
  • Hot Towers
  • Coned Vessels
  • Catalyst Reactors with chain mixers
  • Vertical Tanks more than 180ft high
  • Process Tanks

Please also check out our Tank Spider™ Technology Section.

Chimney Stack and Flare Stack Cleaning

We have the unique ability to climb vertically 300ft from the ground without any support or cable from above

Aqua Drill International has a track record in cleaning vertical chimneys or stacks without the time consuming and often dangerous need to access the structure from the top. Using the Aqua Milling® Process, up to 300ft off the ground can be performed without additional support from the top of the structure. Inside diameters of the Stack can vary from 4” to 15ft. Flares can be made of steel or refractory. The cleaning action is normally completed in one to three work shifts. The restoration process does not affect the integrity of the inside wall.

Please look at our video in the Media Section showing such cleaning action.

Large Diameter Pipe and Aqueduct Cleaning

The Aqua Rover™ delivers 600HP cleaning intensity to a Grey Metal finish, using only water.

To clean large size underground lines, our Engineering team has developed the Aqua Rover™ technology designed to reach long distances in piping systems with diameters from 40” up to 16ft. As with the Aqua Milling® Process, diameter changes inside the piping system do not affect the cleaning action by any means and no personnel are required in the pipe system during the cleaning process once the Aqua Rover™ has been inserted and setup. A grey wall finish is accomplished without water-additives or abrasives using our VIB-Jets.

Please turn to the Technology and Media Section to learn more about the Aqua Rover™ technology.