Our Aqua Milling® process is the most advanced high-pressure water-jet cleaning technology available today
Corrosion, Tuberculosis, Mill-scale, Heat Treated Mill-scale

Industry-leading technology and proven implementation record

Our Aqua Milling® process is the most advanced high-pressure water-jet cleaning technology available today. Based on years of operational experience and continuous improvement, Aqua Drill’s Engineering has developed the proprietary Aqua Milling® technology exclusively used by Aqua Drill International. Employing high-energy water-jets and more than one hundred eighty different customized cleaning tools, the cutting-edge technology can be used for cleaning of pipe systems, vessels, heat exchangers and other equipment.

Incorporating features that are unmatched in the industry, the following Aqua Milling® capabilities will offer you optimal and cost-effective solutions for your cleaning projects:

  • Aqua Milling® removes scale using only high-pressure water
  • 500HP or 650HP powered remote controlled Aqua Milling® units with safety features built in to shut down pressure and all equipment components within ½ sec. in an emergency.
  • All parameters such as cutting speed and overlapping cutting track are precisely controlled by Hydraulic Feed Control System, providing full surface coverage
  • Internals of virtually any conduit from ¾ “ to 120 “ diameter can be cleaned
  • Utilizing a single access point, Aqua Milling can clean up to 1200 ft., cutting around multiple directional changes
  • Ability to climb vertically 300 ft. from ground level without support from above
  • Heavy scale such as 100 lb. pieces of construction debris can be removed from piping
  • Hard scale can be shattered without a slicing effect to protect internal pipe walls that are made of PVC, Teflon, Refractory, Graphite and other delicate materials
  • Hazardous materials can be completely contained. Operators are not exposed
  • Aqua Milling® can save you money on scaffolding and dismantling of bends or vertical sections, increase your heat transfer and improve process efficiency, providing superior cleaning quality

Consider Aqua Milling® as your industrial cleaning solution:

  • If Ultra High Pressure Hydro-Blasting cannot cut the hard incrustation
  • If conventional methods can cut the scale but cannot transport and remove the debris
  • If too many openings or cuts in your system are required prior to the cleaning operation
  • If personnel entry in your system imposes a risk
  • If hand-lancing or hands-on cleaning should be avoided
  • If the access is limited or excessively elevated (Aqua Milling can be performed from grade)
  • If you want to clean your pipe system without shutting down the process (PIO Aqua Milling enters pressurized systems)

List of scales, coatings and materials successfully removed with Aqua Milling ®:

  • Corrosion, Tuberculosis, Mill-scale, Heat Treated Mill-scale
  • Coke, Crude Oil Deposits, Paraffins, Hydrates
  • Water Scale, Calcium Carbonate, Mineral Deposits
  • Epoxy Coating, Zink Coatings, Epoxy Liners
  • Concrete, Salt Water Concrete, Concrete Liners
  • Polycarbonates (Bullet-Proof Plastic)
  • Green, Black and White Liquor
  • HDPE, LDPE Polyethylene, Polyurethane
  • Rubber and Associated Products
  • Sand and Settlements
  • Sea Growth, Mussels, Ocean Deposits
  • Extremely Hard Catalyst, Cobalt, Nickel
  • Crystallized Sugar Deposits
  • Incinerator Waste and Deposits

You have the chance of creating value to your project by ensuring that you are selecting the right method to receive safe, cost-effective and quality cleaning service. Our experienced Engineering team can support you by offering you high quality cleaning solutions – Put our industrial cleaning expertise to work for you.