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Aqua Milling

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600HP powered remote controlled High Pressure Water Pump system incorporating special safety-bypass features provides water pressure up to 21000 psi and flow up to 50 gpm.  The safety-bypass feature enables the operator to remotely shut-down water pressure and flow almost instantaneously.  Pipe entry devices allow for safe operation when cleaning large piping with full port openings. Aqua Drill continuously works on adapting and improving safety equipment for demanding cleaning tasks.  A variety of Aqua Drill designed water jet cleaning heads removes scale like "bullet proof plastic" from complex piping systems or hard scale from plastic piping. Aqua Drill designed water jet cleaning heads in combination with the XL-Aqua Milling cleaning equipment remove extremely hard scale where other hose rotating cleaning systems fail or require significantly longer cleaning times.

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The no-hands-on remotely controlled pipe cleaning process controls the spiral movement and speeds of the cleaning heads inside the pipe using a hydraulic Feeder and a pneumatic Twister unit.

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This second-generation Aqua Milling® equipment exceeds cleaning limitations of any other available rotating hose cleaning equipment:

  • Precise overlap of cleaning tracks for full surface coverage.

  • Adjustable cleaning head feed (spiral cleaning track) without releasing hose tension.

  • Retainable pulling force of water jets and resulting hose tension significantly higher in comparison to other available rotating hose cleaning equipment allowing transport of heavy scale over longer distances.

  • Powerful variable speed Twister unit with two pneumatic drive options.

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