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Aqua Rover

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The Aqua Rover® is an international patents pending high pressure water jet cleaning technology exclusively developed and used by Aqua Drill International. The Aqua Rover® cleans piping up to 6 meter (19 ft) diameter with steep inclines or vertical sections on very long distances from one entry point.  3 generations of Aqua Rovers are available to clean aqueducts (drinking water supply lines), large sewer systems (municipal and industrial), penstock lines (hydropower), cooling water systems (power plants). Rectangular tunnel “Refinery-Sulfur-Pits” are also cleaned effectively without necessary man-entry, using Aqua Drill’s steerable Aqua Rover® Systems along with remote cameras. “Light” Pneumatic Rovers are used when man-way entries are the only option to enter a system whereas Hydraulic Rovers are used for long distances and extreme pulling power.  The cleaning power of up to 2000 HP can be utilized with a single Rover Unit  to remove coatings, corrosion, concrete, hard scale or mill-scale deposits from the ID pipe wall at unmatched cleaning speeds. Transportation of the removed scale is an option.

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