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Aqueduct and Penstock Cleaning

Precision Cleaning

Aqua Rover cleaning services for large diameter piping excel in providing a precision cleaning operation regardless of pipe diameter or odd shaped water duct: Whether the pipe runs horizontal or vertical the cleaning jets follow a pre-adjusted, tight spiral path along the pipe wall. No section on the pipe wall is left untouched and every spot on the pipe wall surface experiences the same cleaning power as all cleaning parameters are adjustable and maintained constant once adapted to the cleaning task.


Removal of any type of liner or scale

The Aqua Rover family of large diameter pipe cleaning tools can focus up to 900kW (1200 hp) on to the pipe wall. Depending on the actual pipe or duct material (steel, concrete, plastic, brick) and the liner (concrete, coal tar enamel (CTE), epoxy) or scale (calcium carbonate, corrosion products, marine growth) to be removed, this power is converted into a matching combination of pressure (up to 2800bar (40 kpsi)) and flow rate (up to 380l/min (100gpm)) for minimizing the required cleaning time.


Hands-off Operation

Extensive experience gathered since 2003 has led to the design of a variety of Aqua Rover tools all of which are remote controlled requiring no personnel in the pipeline during the cleaning operation.

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