Remote Columns and Tower Cleaning


Towers with radial access to lengthwise segmented internals

Fractionators, quench towers and similar towers may show deposits on various levels. Tedious manual labor during shut downs is traditionally the solution to removing such deposits.


Cleaning with minimum access point size

ADI’s PJL system attaches to ports with 3 or 4 inch flanges of any rating. The ports must be facing between trays of the tower. The PJL cleaning nozzle is then moved through the port in and out between the trays while cleaning deposits on the top of the lower and on the bottom of the tray above the level where the PJL cleaning nozzle is injected.


Strategically chosen or placed access points on the same column level allow full coverage of the space between trays. The movement of the cleaning nozzle is precisely guided by a launch structure outside of the column and can be controlled from a remote (at ground level) operating station using video and sensor monitoring.


Cleaning with larger access points available

Our Space Cage Cleaner can be deployed once manway sized entry points are available for accessing spaces between trays. Only one entry point per level is sufficient for reaching the entire surface area of inner tower wall and upper and lower surfaces of the adjacent trays.


High powered cleaning jets

The typically achieved high rate of cleaning can be attributed to ADI’s ability of introducing up to 900kW (1200hp) of jet power to the area where the cleaning operation is taking place. ADI’s engineers pay attention to generating flow paths between high pressure water pump and cleaning nozzles that minimize energy loss.

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