Engineering Solutions

Aqua Drill International employs a team of highly educated and dedicated Professional Engineers with years of domestic and international experience.

Our proven implementation record shows our capabilities in developing new technologies and specialized procedures to the requirements of our clients, providing the most efficient and cost effective cleaning services to solve their severe cleaning problems. Even stationary cleaning units have been developed for customized use.

We provide all engineering associated with pre-commissioning cleaning applications. All programs are designed, managed and approved by professionals of Aqua Drill International.

Our Engineering includes:

  • Oil Flushing

  • Specialty Flushing

  • Chemical Cleaning

  • Engineering Studies

  • System modeling with the most up to date compressible and incompressible high velocity fluid flow analysis programs

  • Temporary pipe stress and flexibility analysis

  • Temporary pipe support and anchor design

  • Step by step procedure complete with:

  • General and specific description of the cleaning application and the rational for the selected application

  • Client and contractors scope of supply

  • Safety and risk analysis

  • Detailed process flow diagrams

  • Temporary piping isometric drawings.

  • Special spool/adapter manufacturing drawings.

  • Cleanliness criteria

  • Detailed installation instructions

  • Execution procedure

  • Valve line outs

  • Internal removal and other preliminary steps

  • Anticipated pressures, temperatures, concentrations and other service criteria

  • Durations

  • Utility requirement

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