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Large Pipe Cleaning

Hands-off Operation

When cleaning piping with our Aqua Rover ™ or Tank Spider ® system no high pressure water carrying part of the equipment is being manually operated. As soon as the high pressure water flow has been shut off by remote control all equipment connected to the high pressure water pump is de-energized momentarily.

Precise cleaning results

For straight spool pieces plus one directional change with diameters from 16inches to 120inches we designed the easily deploy-able Aqua Spider system. As soon as more directional changes have to be navigated and long distances between entry points need to be covered the self-propelled Aqua Rover is being employed. The Aqua Rover ™ systems are operational in pipe diameters from 36inches to 15ft.

Enormous cleaning power

The Aqua Rover ™ and Tank Spider ® family of large diameter pipe cleaning tools can focus up to 900kW (1200 hp) on to the pipe wall. Depending on the liner (concrete, coal tar enamel (CTE), epoxy) or scale (calcium carbonate, corrosion products, marine growth) to be removed, this power is converted into a matching combination of pressure (up to 2800bar (40 kpsi)) and flow rate (up to 380l/min (100gpm)) for minimizing the required cleaning time.

12in pipe prior to AM.JPG
12in pipe Flash Rust after AM short term
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