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Mining and Minerals


We have the hands-on operational experience and engineering expertise to know how to remove extremely hard incrustations from piping in the Copper Mining and Alumina Industry.

By servicing the world’s largest Aluminum Plants, our team became experts in cleaning Bauxite and Aluminum Oxide from Process Pipe and underground Storm Sewer Systems. Our Engineering team developed wide impact jets used for cutting Bauxite in concrete lines without damaging the pipe wall. High impact 600 HP flushing tools help to transport the large volumes of cut scale back to the pipe entry point.

We accomplish these objectives through highly trained experienced personnel and industry-leading technology. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and development enables us to meet your toughest challenges.


Added Value

  • Optimal cleaning solution eliminating pipe replacement

  • Significant reduction on cutting, welding and scaffolding expenses

  • Reduction in lost production time

  • Improvement in process efficiency due to superior cleaning quality

  • Compliance with your Safety, Health and Environmental commitments



  • Process Lines

  • Storm Sewer Systems

  • Digester & Digester J-Pipe

  • Heaters (vertical & horizontal)

  • Precipitation Tanks

  • Settling Tanks

  • Vapor Lines with Crystallized Bauxite

  • Waste Lines

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