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Municipal and Water


Do you face the problem of cleaning aqueducts and large diameter piping? We provide a revolutionary solution for cleaning large diameter piping ranging from 36” to 180” I.D.

Our Engineering team has developed the self-propelled Aqua Rover™ for cleaning of Aqueducts. While no personnel are required in the piping during the cleaning process, the Aqua Rover™ can travel horizontal and up or down vertical inclines. The technology does not require the use of any external drives to propel it down the pipeline.

You will be impressed with the new way we handle your difficult project! Extremely hard calcium carbonate, tuberculation, corrosion and previously applied liners can be completely removed with substantial reduced cleaning time.

Mobilization is not an issue - we provided service preparation for coating on Hot Water Piping at Central Boiler Facilities for the City of San Diego, CA, and we have cleaned underground piping for the City of Boston, MA.


Added Value

  • Delivery of highest quality cleaning for service preparation

  • The remotely controlled technology eliminates personnel exposure to dust and confined space risks

  • Substantial cost-savings through reduced cleaning time and less manpower



  • Service Preparation for Coating or Lining

  • Hot Water Piping at Central Boiler Facilities

  • Clarifier Lines

  • Cooling Water Intake and Discharge Systems

  • Waste Water Lines

  • Submerged Facility Intake Lines

  • Ductile Supply Lines

  • Lines in Water Treatment Plants

  • Water Mains

  • Removal of Zebra Mussels


Aqua Drill International has worked in marine applications where piping systems on oil or chemical tankers do not allow dismantling or the tight schedule in the harbor does not allow enough time for cleaning task to be completed within schedule.

When chemical storages are switched to other products Aqua Milling ™ can ensure complete removal of any scale remains inside the piping systems. Even the yellow “Papi” scale (a scale that glues into the stainless pipe wall, leaving a yellow shine after conventional cleaning) can be completely removed. A color video inspection can be part of the project completion.


Added Value

  • Cost savings on cutting, welding and scaffolding

  • Reduced cleaning time accomplished through specialized cleaning expertise and proprietary technology

  • Delivery of highest cleaning quality



  • Fire Hydrant / Firewater Distribution Systems

  • Feed Lines

  • Vent Lines

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