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Oil and Gas

Aqua Drill International provides cost-effective cleaning solutions covering all aspects of oil, water and gas processing, both on- and offshore. Compressor stations and pipelines can be serviced on or off-line. The Aqua Milling ™ process has successfully been used to remove extremely hard Coke, Calcium Carbonate, Barium Sulphate and other incrustations from difficult pipe configurations on different Norwegian oil platforms in the North Sea.


Added Value

  • Significant savings in pipe replacement

  • Pipe systems can be cleaned while in operation and under pressure

  • Reduced cleaning time accomplished through expertise and application of proprietary technologies

  • Improvement in process efficiency due to superior cleaning quality

  • Services with highest safety standards due to remote controlled equipment with specialty safety features


On-/Offshore Aqua Milling ™ Applications

  • Deluge Piping System

  • Manifolds

  • Water Caisson Piping System

  • Feed Pipes

  • Lube Oil Pipes

  • Venturie System

  • Piping System Water Treatment

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