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Power Plants



We have built our record of pre-commissioning excellence through years of completing more than 50 major power projects throughout the world. Our industry-leading technology became a valuable asset to the Energy Industry, covering all aspects in start-up and in maintenance services.

We deliver superior quality in pre-commissioning of Low, Medium and High Pressure Steam Systems. Cold Re-heat, Hot Re-heat, Boiler Feed Water Lines, and Fuel Gas Lines have successfully been cleaned in Combined Cycle Power Plants.

  • Superior cleaning quality of the Aqua Milling ™ process helps to reduce the duration of steam blows estimated 45% to 60%.

  • Reduced critical path time.

  • Optical instrument quality control procedure

  • Containment and recycling of waste water

  • Pipe entries are made through rolled valves and drip legs

  • Significant savings in de-mineralized water, fuel, and man power due to reduced steam blows.

  • Aqua Milling ™ can commence independently of the construction progress and allows for increased construction scheduling flexibility and thereby an accelerated start-up.

  • Compliance with your safety and environmental commitments

  • Reduced start-up project cost


In Remediation and Maintenance Services of Fossil Power Plants our technologies have been used for removal of fly ash materials, calcium carbonate and fossil debris. Part of our specialized expertise is to clean Chimney Stacks, as well as Cooling Water lines up to 180 inch in diameter. All objectives are achieved with highly trained team of operators supported by qualified engineers.




With a three generation history of cleaning Hydro Turbine Feed Water lines (Aqua Drill’s owners grandfather Dipl-Ing. Georg Geppert frequently cleaned such lines using a patented process more than 50 years ago) Aqua Drill International is proud to offer cleaning services using new and even more efficient state of the art technologies.

The Aqua Rover™ as well as the Aqua Milling ™ Technology are both excellent suited for cleaning of Turbine Feed Water lines of Pelton and Francis Turbines. Aqua Drill’s technologies restore the smoothness of the ID pipe wall to a degree that changes friction coefficients back to near original conditions. The surface cleanliness allows for implementation of liners or new coatings after completion.

All technologies feature:

  • Complete Removal of water scales, aged coatings, tuberculation and heavy corrosion.

  • Outstanding cleanliness of the pipe ID wall without using any abrasives that can cause problems for turbine or valve components (using only water also eliminates delivery of abrasives to remote mountain terrain)

  • Excellent safety since no personnel is required to enter the line during the cleaning operation

  • Long reach capabilities of both the Aqua Milling ™ and the Aqua Rover™ Technology.

  • Extremely fast remotely controlled service (high horsepower units) to minimize down-time of Turbine




The ability to work remotely controlled and eliminating the necessity for dismantling of units makes the Aqua Milling ™ technology an ideal asset for cleaning and decontamination of nuclear pipe and vessel systems. Added values for nuclear power plant cleaning are:

  • The remote controlled Aqua Milling® equipment mounted in a 20 ft. (6m) ocean/air going container can be parked and operated within 1500 ft. (500m) of the work site

  • The waste water can be contained and recycled if required

  • Aqua Drill’s advantage of designing and manufacturing exclusively for our own services, enables us to economically dispose all equipment after completion of the project.

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