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During the construction stage, new pipeline systems & process equipment can suffer from internal corrosion, the internal accumulation of construction debris, build-up of microbial slimes, and other unwanted fouling. It is therefore essential that all pipelines & equipment undergo thorough pre-commissioning cleaning in accordance with Industrial Standard. If such pre-commissioning cleaning of the pipelines and process equipment is not completed successfully then the reliability, efficiency, and life expectancy of systems can be seriously compromised.

Equipped with a variety of Aqua Milling® jets, our expertise and operational experience, we clean large size steel, concrete and plastic pipe with no personnel exposed to dust and confined space risk, delivering excellent cleaning quality and high savings through reduced cleaning time and less manpower.

  • Versatility to cover piping and Aqueducts from 36” to 180” diameter

  • Powered by remotely controlled 650HP Aqua Drill mobile unit

  • All parameters such as unit travel speed, cleaning track width, speed of jets and overlapping cutting tracks are controlled

  • Travel distances of more than 3000ft from one entry point in each direction

  • Cleaning to Grey- Metal surface using only water without abrasives or ultra high pressures

  • Optional insertion facilitates entry through large opening (fully assembled prior to insertion) or small man-way opening (assembly inside pipe after insertion)

  • All-wheel drive propulsion system eliminates steel cables or other means of external drives to propel it down the piping

  • Ability to travel horizontal and up or down vertical inclines, through diameter changes, corners and bends

  • Ability to switch from wall cleaning action to loose scale transportation

  • Video monitoring can be supplied during cleaning process

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