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Pulp and Paper

You face the problem of cleaning plugged lines and tubes in your mill. As you know the choices are limited – acid cleaning, hydro blasting or replacing lines. We offer you a better way!

Our extremely successful Aqua Milling ™ Process allows us to remove your hardest incrustation by effectively milling the interior of your line. Mobilization is not an issue - we have executed tough paper mill problems for major paper mill companies located in the States of Washington, Michigan, East Coast and Southern States.

Our support has contributed to significant customer savings. We help you to resolve your restricted flow problems with the most cost-effective cleaning method.


Added Value

Pulp and Paper Customer e-mail comments:

“Aqua Drill International was clearly one of the best success stories of our entire annual shutdown, and I would like to extend our thanks and gratitude for cleaning piping that have cost up to ten times what it cost for your system to clean.”

“Our lines are over 1000 ft. long and we were fearful of plugging the lines at start-up. Our 8 “ lines had 1 ½ “ of scale with effective line availability of 5“. After cleaning we had 8“ lines that almost looked like new. We went from restricted flows of about 400 gallons to unrestricted flows of near 1000 GPM on each line. Each line took about 45 hours to clean at a cost of $50,000. We’ll save about $350,000. per set over replacement “.



  • Green Liquor Lines

  • White Liquor Lines

  • Black Liquor Lines

  • Black Liquor Heaters

  • GL/WW flows on Recovery Boiler sets

  • Calcium Carbonate Build-up

  • Pulp Stock Lines

  • Pitch Lines

  • Ash Lines

  • Calandria Tubes

  • Slurry Lines

  • Waste Lines

  • Tanks

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