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Focusing on reduced down time and improved production, we work with operations staff to develop detailed operating procedures and cutting-edge technologies. Years of experience in servicing Cat Cracker, Crude and Coker Units have allowed us to become experts in planning turnaround projects and routine maintenance services targeting on:


Added Value

  • Reduced cleaning time accomplished through specialized pipe cleaning expertise and application of proprietary technology

  • Reduced safety risk due to remote controlled equipment with specialty safety features

  • Solutions that successfully remove extremely hard coke or tar formations

  • Quick resolutions for removal of plugs - minimizing downtime

  • Improvement in process efficiency, due to superior cleaning quality. You have less fouling, creating longer production run time and increasing heat transfer in Heat Exchangers

  • Significant reduction in pipe replacement, cutting, welding, scaffolding



  • Transfer Lines

  • Overhead Vapor Lines

  • Furnace Outlet Piping

  • Furnace Tubes

  • Feed Gas Lines

  • Slurry Lines

  • Cooling Tower Lines

  • USX and TLX Exchangers for IRIS Inspection

  • Large Diameter Down –Comers

  • Mushroom Reactors

  • Gasoline Lines

  • Acid Lines

  • Calcium Lines

  • Delayed Cokers

  • Fluidbed Cokers

  • Flexicoker

  • Downcomers

  • Slug Catchers

  • Oil Resid Lines

  • Reformers

  • Coke Lines

  • Tar/Asphalt Lines

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