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Tank and Vessel Cleaning

Variety of vessel geometries

With changing main outside geometry and different use of the vessels and tanks, the potential entry points and their locations vary as well. We are cleaning successfully and at outstanding high deposit-removal-rates:

  • Vertical/horizontal process tanks

  • Separators

  • Gas phase reactors (Unipol)

  • Devolizers

  • Cone shaped tanks

  • Cat crackers

  • HDPE/LDPE reactors

  • Storage tanks

  • other


Variety of deposits

The material properties of the deposits change from application to application. Along with application and vessel geometry the way the scale builds up on the vessel walls changes as well.


Variety of cleaning tools

To cope with these variables ADI has designed

  • the Tank Spider cleaning services for removing deposits along walls of tanks and vessels with near cylindrical geometries.

  • the TPD-Tank Drill services for opening up fully plugged tanks and vessels of any geometry. This service also allows controlled access to distinct locations within the vessel, cleaning areas where deposits have accumulated.

  • the Tank Lift service mainly for use in large storage tanks for thorough wall cleaning and access from the tank bottom.


All services can direct the cleaning power of 900kW (1200hp) onto the deposits to be removed.


No personnel in tanks and vessels

As with all cleaning services used and designed by the engineering team at ADI the tank and vessel tools have been built to eliminate the need for personnel entering the vessels.


A trophy from efforts of trying to manually clean an HDPE reactor – a chainsaw blade stuck in a piece of HDPE we saw mounted to the wall of a turnaround manager’s office – is a thing of the past when you engage ADI in your tank and vessel cleaning projects.

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