Industrial Cleaning Services

By deploying innovative proprietary technologies, our engineering teams provide you high impact cleaning services for your specific needs. All proprietary technologies are developed and designed “in-house” and exclusively used by Aqua Drill International.

Our unique perspective comes from a combination of specialized pipe cleaning expertise, application of cutting-edge technologies, and global operational experience. Our expertise in pre-commissioning of piping before plant start-up and removal of extremely hard incrustations from most complicated pipe configurations add significant value to your operations.

Our Aqua Milling® Process is the most advanced cleaning technology available today, based on years of development, continuous improvement in design, and operational experience.



Turnaround and Maintenance Services

Aqua Drill’s hands-off cleaning services – tools developed in-house and exclusively used by ADI – allow cleaning and removal of the toughest deposits and opening up of fully plugged sections. Most of the time very few strategically chosen entry points along the pipe system permit the cleaning of complete systems without disassembly.


A big array of cleaning nozzles, adjustable to various types of scale, plus the ability to put high pressure water cleaning jets of up to 450kW (600hp) into pipes and up to 900kW (1200hp) into tanks allows ADI to remove almost anything from within pipe systems, heat exchanges, furnaces, reactors etc.

Pre-Commissioning Startup

When Aqua Milling was first introduced for cleaning steam pipes between the steam generator and the turbine, commissioning companies were astonished to realize by how many blows their steam or air blow process could be reduced until the targets were clean. Wherever Aqua Milling is employed on startup projects today, the steam blow becomes merely a verification blow for cleanliness.


Lube oil systems cleaned by ADI typically require no filter changes once circulated and rotating equipment can be hooked up quickly.


We clean large diameter cooling water and similar pipe systems removing rust, mill scale and protective liners with our self-propelled Aqua Rover tools avoiding manual cleaning labor in such piping.

Remote Online Cleaning

We have prevented the unscheduled shut down of major refineries and allowed the continued operation of units in chemical plants until the next turnaround by removing blockages within the fully pressurized and operational systems. Access through existing flanges or hot taps allows our PIO Aqua Milling or Petro Jet Lancer tools to be guided to the deposits without exposing anyone to oftentimes highly toxic substances within the system. ADI has been able to use fluids other than water but compatible to the process for jetting the blockages downstream.

Remote Video Inspection

We know that our cleaning technologies deliver outstanding results and we are also able to provide visual verification. Our extensive fleet of video inspection tools allows navigating the pipe systems cleaned using the same entry points as used for cleaning. Video footage observed while the tools are travelling can of course be stored and made available for documentation.


Additionally, regular drone inspection services are on offer by ADI.

Engineering Solutions

We would never claim that we have seen it all. But we have the capability to adapt our existing tools to a variety of new applications. Most of our specialty tools – now fully integrated into the ADI cleaning services – were initially designed for solving a particular task. We encourage you to present your cleaning problems to our engineering team with access to precision machine and manufacturing companies in the US and Europe. We are not limiting us to developing custom water jetting tools.

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