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Online Cleaning

Employing 650 HP cleaning power and Aqua Milling® VIB-jets, all cleaning parameters and movements of the hydraulic Tank Spider™ are controlled from outside the tank. The cutting pattern is not randomly delivered from the center of the tank as seen with 3D nozzles, but applied along a pre-determined track. Tank entry can be made from different positions, in most cases without removal of dip-tubes, gates or other obstacles.

  • You want to eliminate confined space risk and hands-on operation

  • Internal wall scales cannot be cut with conventional 3D nozzles

  • You want to reduce down-time, utilizing a new technology that outperforms conventional cleaning methods

  • You are looking for superior wall-cleanliness and surface coverage which you are not able to achieve with conventional systems

  • You have to clean vertical towers and tanks with excessive height that makes a conventional 3D nozzle waste energy in open spaces most of the time

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